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Reducing EMF Cell Phone Exposure Can Minimize ADHD Symptoms

EMF cell phone radiation exposure is linked to ADHD and other harmful health effects, so reducing exposure can significantly minimize the risk.

What We Do Know

There is an ongoing and seemingly never-ending debate on whether or not exposure to Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation emitted by our electronic devices can have harmful health effects. Yet, thousands of doctors and scientists worldwide are starting to recognize the dangers and are encouraging reduced exposure.

In fact, in a 2011 press release The World Health Organization has classified EMF exposure as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

This is scary as we recognize that the technological revolution has exploded in recent years. And although the radiation from your cell phone, laptop, and microwave may contain less risk than X-rays and Gamma rays, we can not deny that we are creating dense electromagnetic smog in all our homes, in schools, and just about everywhere in public. They flood our environment with the ever-rising number of cell and cordless phones, wireless routers, cell towers, and wireless devices and games.

It appears symptoms of EMR exposure are similar to heavy metal toxicity, in that it can cause many biological dysfunctions, including genetic alterations, retina optic damage, increased inflammatory reactions, immune shifts, gene toxicity, increased oxidative stress, altered fetal development and increased auto-immune risks. I have also learned by reading numerous scientific journals that exposure to EMR from wireless technologies can also impair a person’s ability to detox and prevent us from sleeping soundly. This list goes on–which tells us that more research is warranted and limiting exposure to EMR is likely to improve the health and well being of ourselves and our children.

The Proof

Most of the studies surrounding this issue focus on the cancer-causing potential of EMF exposure.

However, as we explore possible environmental contributors to ADHD, autism, neurobehavioral disorders and mental illness we would be remiss not to include EMR. In fact, there have been several studies linking EMR exposure to ADHD and its symptoms. One such study examined the effects of wireless radiation on 1,524 Bavarian adolescents. It was discovered that EMR exposure caused profound behavioral problems. In another study conducted in a grade school filters were used to remove electromagnetic frequencies. After six weeks, results were tabulated and showed decreases in the time required to start class, student disruptions, needing to repeat instructions, classroom noise, and increases in the students’ abilities to focus and participate.

Research shows us that the dramatic increase of such disorders are not solely hardwired genetics. The Journal of Childhood Psychology & Psychiatry demonstrates that environmental factors can impact neurological development in a more dynamic fashion by influencing how genes are expressed; this is known as epigenetics.

According to a Yale study, one of those factors is most likely in utero exposure to EMF radiation. “Cell phone use in pregnancy may cause behavioral disorders in offspring.”

The study exposed pregnant mice to cell phones and tracked the development of the children mice into adulthood. Scientists found that the developed mice were hyperactive and had impaired memory as compared to the control group whose Mothers were not exposed to EMF during pregnancy. Other studies that expose young subjects after birth have shown similar results.

Worth noting is that the phones used for the experiment were within the FCC limits for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is basically the amount of radiation your body absorbs from an electronic device (a scary thought on its own). This is important for two reasons. One, most phones—including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy line—exceed these limits when the device is in direct contact with your body. There is even a warning hidden deep within most phones’ manuals advising the user to keep a distance of up to two inches between the body and device as to not exceed legal limits. The city of Berkeley, California recently passed a law requiring cell phone retailers to notify their customers of this warning. Second, thousands of doctors and scientists, including the American Academy of Pediatrics believe the current limits are based on out-dated, twenty year old standards and need to be revisited and updated. The Yale study could provide more proof for this need.

The Solution

We do know that this type of radiation has a high decay rate, meaning the highest levels exist closest to the source with a drastic drop off just a few inches away. So, it is time to become a more mindful consumer. The most obvious way to reduce the risks associated with EMF exposure is to eliminate the use of electronic devices. We need to unplug our electronic devices when not in use, turn off the Wi-Fi at least 12 hours a night, keep phones away from our heads and body, set limits with our children regarding tablet usage, spend more time outside in nature and start using an old fashion alarm clock again.

However, in today’s connected world, this can be very difficult and may seem unrealistic. Therefore, it becomes imperative to investigate and purchase anti- radiation cases for your electronic devices and EMF home protection kits.

The good news! Companies now offer practical and stylish anti-radiation solutions for cell phones and laptops/tablets. Just make sure that have been tested in an FCC certified laboratory to block both types of EMF: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF).

To learn more about how to protect yourself from cell phone and laptop radiation check out – SafeSleeve. See their full lab report here. To learn more important tips on how to treat and prevent ADHD, and other co-morbid disorders naturally and effectively without harmful medication? Click Here.

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